Block boards are manufactured from the combination of selected, seasoned, durable hardwood timber battens, veneers and adhesives. These are bonded with Urea Formaldehyde Resin under high pressure and temperature for MR grade and Phenol Formaldehyde resin for BWP grade. The block boards are resistant to twisting /warping, has superb screw holding & nail holding capability.

This is mainly possible because of seasoned & durable timber which is used. All the three components of this block board i.e. face veneer, core veneer & wooden battens are well matched. The wooden battens are thoroughly seasoned in scientifically run seasoning kiln plants and then cut with great precision to obtain uniform thickness.

These battens are systematically arranged and utmost care is taken to avoid any extra gap between the battens. Regular test are conducted to maintain the quality of block boards as per the standards of IS: 1659.


Furniture, partitions, racks/shelves, shutters, under layer for decorative laminates etc. 

Sizes & thicknesses:

Standard sizes available and you can choose from the thicknesses of 19 & 25mm.

Reasons to choose Block Board:

  •  Treated and seasoned Frames and Battens.
  •  Wider battens for more strength
  •  Hot pressed with formulated resin with anti-termite borer chemical
  •  Finished board treated with preservative chemical at temp more than 60 degree.
  •  Excellent screw holding capacity