Flexible Plywood

Design is an element of imagination and imagination cannot be restricted to straight lines. Creative people feel limited by restricting their thoughts. Thus, for the flexible and imaginative minds, Flexible Plywood presents the magical ply, which can mould and bend into any shape without clipping, cracking, peeling or staining.

In the past when designers had no choice but to be limited to straight designs without curves, it was a dream to imagine such a ply which can bend at their will. With the advent of this curved ply, the world of design has almost got wings.

Advantages and Application:

  •  Flexible Plywood Flexi is an 8' x 4' flexible plywood sheet easily bent by hand.
  •  A bend radius as little as 25mm makes this product ideal for tight radius work.
  •  Shapes can be formed without labor intensive efforts associate with bending plywood.
  •  No special equipment is required to bend, fabricate or laminate.
  •  Curves and forms can be produced in a fraction of time.
  •  Complex multi-radical shapes can be created that would otherwise be virtually impossible.

Suggested uses:

The applications are many; some of them being front desk counters, hotel lobby, entertainment unit, racks & cupboards, showroom display units etc. Basically, it is used everywhere where the designer has curves in his mind, especially those areas which grab more of viewers attention.